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Move better, feel lighter,
become supple

Do you want to get strong?

Finally, move pain-free?

Do you want to look GREAT?


I get it; I’ve worked with 100s of people and have helped them achieve just that.


I’m Katarina, your personal coach and yoga & mobility teacher. I will help you achieve your EXACT goals.


Right by your side!

Katarina fitness consultant based in portugal

Just imagine yourself leaner, with more confidence & energy.

Without feeling constantly stiff and in pain.


I´ll help you get a body that moves with ease, feels light & looks great!

So stop searching for shortcuts and copying what everyone else is doing!

indra transformation1.png
White Brick Wall

Being already an active person, it was frustrating for this client not to be getting the shape she wanted. We restructured her training from a very cardio based - to home strength workouts, and in the last phase to advanced gym sessions 3x weekly. Being a vegan, the macronutrient split of her diet was adjusted to support the goal. In 6 months ,she lost 8 kg and decresed her body fat for 9 %. 

nimanta after.jpg
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A busy mom of 3 who never stepped in the gym nor had previous training experience. With 3 home strength trainings per week, and adjusting her typical indian diet, she managed to lose 11 kg. The secret to her success lies in her determination to keep pushing even when it was hard.

danko transformation.png
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A sedentary lifestyle and family life were detrimental to this busy CEO.  Once an endurance athlete, he lost all his shape and eating habits while climbing the corporate ladder. We started incorporating strength training and daily mobility routines to help with the back pain. When travelling, he follows a progressive bodyweight training routine to stay on point. In 4 months he dropped 7 kg, and lost more than 10 cm in his waist.

me transformed.png
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My personal transformation in becoming a bikini bodybuilding athlete. I was a fitness instructor, giving more than 20 strength, cardio and yoga classes per week. All the activity was too much endurance activity and too little enough strength volume for my capacities. I started working smart, not only hard. Being a vegan, I added much more protein and adjusted my macronutrients to meet my goals. In 8 months, I lost 11 kg and 12% body fat.


1. Tell me about your goals HERE



I want to understand your needs and time availability better. We agree on the exact strategy to achieve your goals. This is a free strategy call, not a training session.

Lifestyle counseling


I will provide you with customized strength & mobility plans, as well as weight loss nutrition plan (if this is your goal). We are tracking your progress through daily follow-ups and accountability sheet.



You and me meet on a 1:1 live Zoom session, for a strength & mobility level assessment. That way I can tailor your program precisely. If you wish to continue 1:1 live sessions, it can be added to your monthly program depending on mutual availabilty.



  • 1:1 (live) personal coaching

  • at home or gym

  • technique guidance 

  • with equipment you have or bodyweight




  • 1:1 (live) personal coaching

  • technique guidance

  • mobility & stretching plan  with video explanations

  • macronutrient planning

  • weekly compliance check-up

  • nutrition updates

  • omnivore, vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free plans possible 

  • daily follow-ups

  • weekly training & nutrition compliance check

  • monthly form and measurements check

  • answering all questions

* it´s possible to do a combination of these - only live classes, or only Mobility etc.


Ivan, Germany

Katarina is an excellent trainer, always in a good mood, very considerate, and eager to get the best out of myself. Due to my sedentary work, I have wanted to give yoga & mobility a chance for a long time and have not regretted it. The training and the chosen exercises in the plan make me sweat a lot, but never so I have the feeling that I can't do it.

I'm still very motivated and look forward to more sessions every time. Thank you very much for that; it changed my life!

Indra, Germany

I have been working with Katarina for half a year already, and I can already say I couldn´t have chosen better.
Professional coaching, system, and daily support and guidance are what I was missing before with all the diets and weight loss plans I tried. My diet is now much more balanced and structured, as well as the way I train. I can only recommend Kat as a personal coach! She is just a fantastic person to have!


I never thought that online training could be so personal. Katarina is vested in your success and always responsive to your needs. I have never seen online support like this. Her responses are complete and thoughtful, not rushed one-word answers.


She always has alternatives when you run into a hurdle. Her plans are multi-faceted. They include strength, mobility, diet, health, and most importantly, she helps you to enjoy the process of getting there.

Are you just too busy and stressed to deal with the structure of your training, managing the diet, doing mobility and stretching...? 

Do you lose motivation and discipline in the whole process?


No worries, I will take care of it!

Your success is my success. And I like being successful!

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