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Do you want to get strong?

Finally, move pain-free?

Do you want to look GREAT?


I get it; I’ve worked with 100s of people and have helped them achieve just that.


I’m Katarina, your personal coach and yoga & mobility teacher. I will help you achieve your EXACT goals.


Right by your side!

Just imagine yourself leaner, with more confidence & energy.

Without having to worry about the perfect outfit.


I´ll help you get the body on which every outfit looks great!

So stop searching for shortcuts and copying what everyone else is doing!



  • 1:1 (live) personal coaching

  • at home or gym

  • technique guidance

  • training plan for 

  • With equipment you have or bodyweight




  • 1:1 (live) personal coaching

  • technique guidance

  • mobility & stretching plan  with video explanations

  • macronutrient planning

  • weekly compliance check-up

  • nutrition updates

  • omnivore, vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free plans possible 

  • daily follow-ups

  • weekly training & nutrition compliance check

  • monthly form and measurements check

  • answering all questions


Ivan, Cologne

Katarina is an excellent trainer and super personable. Always in a good mood, very considerate, and eager to get the best out of myself. Due to my sedentary work, I have wanted to give yoga a chance for a long time and have not regretted it. The training and the chosen exercises make me sweat a lot, but never so I have the feeling that I can't do it. I'm still very motivated and look forward to more sessions every time. Thank you very much for that; it changed my life!

Indra, Rösrath

I have been working with Katarina for half a year already, and I can already say I couldn´t have chosen better.
Professional coaching, system, and daily support and guidance are what I was missing before with all the diets and weight loss plans I tried. My diet is now much more balanced and structured, as well as the way I train. I can only recommend Kat as a personal coach! She is just a fantastic person to have!

Kranti, Mumbai

I have been training with Katarina through online sessions for almost a year. She is simply outstanding! In our sessions, I love the effective routines and lots of variation and fun, so I look forward to every class. Katarina is very technically sound, paying attention to the small details which make the difference in body shaping. And the best thing about her is that she is so, so, so motivating. She has made the whole journey of getting fitter extremely enjoyable and easy.

Are you just too busy and stressed to deal with the structure of your training, managing the diet, doing mobility and stretching...? 

Do you lose motivation and discipline in the whole process?


No worries, I will take care of it!

Your success is my success. And I like being successful!

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