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How do I know if I'm hungry or just bored?

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Sometimes we eat even we are not really hungry. It is because of stress, boredom, unhappiness, even thirst. It is so easy to eat some snack or food anywhere, sometimes while lying on the couch, in front of the laptop, scrolling on the phone, literally anywhere. In fact, many people confuse the want to eat with need to eat. Especially hyper palatable foods also offer dopamine more than their nutritional worth. This creates the tendency for addictive behaviors towards foods in our mind. Thus, boredom becomes equal to hunger. Good flavors generate the good vibes. However, this is a coping mechanism that must be confronted.



Sometimes you feel hungry even you are not feeling empty, especially when you are bored. Continuous boredom eating is unhealthy, as it affects weight gain. To avoid boredom-eating, do a mental check before you eat, whether you are genuinely having physical hunger. Mostly boredom or other mental situations are confused to hungriness.


What’s the difference?

In the first place, it may be hard to tell the difference. Nevertheless, it would be helpful is listening what your body is telling you. Is your stomach growling? Do you feel weary? If you’ve answered yes. It might be a sign of your hunger. If, the feeling of hunger was actually emerged in your mind instead of stomach. You should ask yourself ‘’Am I Hungry?’’ and listen the signs of hunger on your body. Usually, drinking a glass of water can solve the illusion. Once you realize the fact of the process, you can shift the focus to the another sight.

How to get rid of boredom hunger?

Firstly, you should know that everyone occasionally eats by boredom. It is normal to do that infrequently. However, when it becomes a routine, it causes gaining weight and health problems. Being aware of the difference the boredom and hunger would helpful to maintain your health. So, How can you rid of the unnecessary desire to eat? Actually, it is reasonably simple. Focus on your hobbies or have a new one. Read the book, go to the gym, or find a personal trainer to recommend the best plan for you. Also, some people may need a help from therapist. Eating disorders are a health problem to require professional support.

Best way to curb the appetite

Having a good workout and eating nutritious meal after generates the great relief for your mental health as well as your stomach. Mindful eating is the key to be satisfied in the food you eat. A truly satisfying (and healthy of course) meal leaves no room for confusion, mentally or physically. It is so easy to try it, so how about to give it a try?

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