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Mark, 58, New York, US

I never thought that online training could be so personal. Katarina is vested in your success and always responsive to your needs. Her online presence is persistent, and she responds almost immediately to questions.


I have never seen online support like this. Her responses are complete and thoughtful, not rushed one-word answers. She always has alternatives when you run into a hurdle. Her plans are multi-faceted. They include strength, mobility, diet, health, and most importantly, she helps you to enjoy the process of getting there.


Training online with Katarina is fun and the small details seem just as important to her as they are to you! After all, she went through this journey herself. If you want a complete overhaul of your body and lifestyle, look no further than

Katarina will motivate you in ways you never thought were possible, from her lively Instagram videos to her enthusiastic responses and weekly check-ins. What are you waiting for?

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Karen, 35, Roermond,The Netherlands

Katarina is a great coach with a lot of attention for detail.
She helped me get from 2 to 12 push ups in less than 2 months.

She is very accessible, knows what she is talking about and very motivated to help her clients.
I would definitely recommend her.

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Steve,63, Georgia,US


GENEROUS - never stingy with her time. Always responds with a complete thought, not vague three word answers

COMPREHENSIVE - mindful of every aspect of your transformation, mobility, macronutrients, strength, motivation and , most importantly, forming permanent habits.

THOROUGH - programming and tracking that is clear with complete explanations. Helpful follow ups without nagging. I hate to disappoint.

PROGRESSIVE - programs and macros are continually monitored and updated as needed. She can do this because she is always aware of your changing needs.

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Ivan, 36, Köln, Germany

Katarina is an excellent trainer and a super personable person. Always in a good mood, courteous and eager to tease the best. Because of my sedentary work, I have wanted to give yoga a chance for a long time and have not regretted it. The training and the chosen exercises make me sweat a lot, but never so I have the feeling that I can't do it. I'm still very motivated and look forward to more hours every time. Thank you very much for that. Namaste 

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Simone, 41, Köln, Germany 

Great yoga classes. Always a good mix of demanding exercises and a pleasant flow. Just right for me! She is also eager to fulfil personal wishes, making the class personalised. I would definitely recommend it!

I thought online classes are not for me, but as I am travelling a lot, it keeps me on track.

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Abi, 29, Köln, Germany

I was never a yoga kind of guy because it was always boring for me, but my girlfriend took me to this class, and it was the first time I had fun doing yoga. So I would definitely recommend it, also to those who are still a bit doubtful about it.

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Katharina, 33, Hürth, Germany

The yoga lessons with Katarina are just great. She also manages to get everything across really well online. With their help, I was not only able to improve my posture and flexibility enormously, but I was also able to discover my enthusiasm for yoga. It is always a pleasure.

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Mateen, 30, Köln, Germany

Exercising isn't just about moving arms and legs. But to take the correct poses and postures. With Katarina, I could consciously reach and stretch muscles which gave me much balance and the feeling of a strong body Körper. The lower and upper back, leg and gluteal muscles are finally flexible and grateful to you, Kat. Stay as you are!

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Gabriela, 47, Istanbul, Turkey

Kat is just the best! Usually, when it comes to sports, I'm an easy quieter. Still, she kept motivating much that I now find myself exercising for five months in continuity and not thinking about breaking my routine. Exercises are fun, dynamic and well-prepared; training hour flies by in a minute!

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Ajay, 31, Bangalore, India

You come across a ton of trainers every day, but I have never met a trainer who is so passionate and dedicated to ensuring their clients perform and show results. She puts in much effort to keep you motivated and is a thorough professional. She even provides good diet tips that will speed up your fitness process. Whatever she charges is a bang for the buck when you see the results yourself. I recommend Kat as a personal trainer for anyone on a fitness/ transformation journey!

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Annkatrin, 32, Köln, Germany

I train regularly to stay fit and to improve my strength. Katarina´s classes are demanding, but they are so fun! She motivates and wants you to make the most of it. The exercises are various and challenging, but she always gives an alternative if we cannot do some movement so that the whole group can benefit.

Also, her yoga classes are perfect for strength training and a wonderful start to the day! After a few classes with Kat, I noticed that my mobility and flexibility had increased significantly. In the end, I succeeded in doing the Bridge yoga pose.😁

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Tanya, 24, Business analyst, Bangalore, India

The main objective was to lose weight and gain muscle mass. The execution was the tricky part. I had issues with consistency, and munching was a concern as well.


Kat helped resolve it by customizing a diet plan and making sure the exercises were fun with a lot of variations. The session was exciting as we would do multiple exercises with many variations and focused more on training the body using body weight. I would recommend it, as the plan is customized and specific to your needs.

I used to get tired and lose motivation between the set; Kat used to ensure that I completed my exercise no matter what, so much that she'd start working out with me. She is committed, highly professional, and passionate about her work, encouraging me to do much better each day.

Within the first 15 days, I saw an immense increase in my strength. I could lift heavier, work out more consistently, and even manage to lose weight. I suggest remaining consistent and sharing your progress journey with your trainer is important. Once you start seeing results, it only gets better from there.✌

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Kranti, 40, Media professional, Mumbai, India

I have been on my weight loss journey for 3 years now... I have lost 10kgs and was easily maintaining it. But for the last year, I had hit a plateau. So now I am looking at building strength and lean mass.

Katarina helped me to bring attention to shaping the body. What I loved was that she is very conscious about the fact that women need not have bulk... but the right lean shape. I really look forward to my class with Katarina. She is very creative and knowledgeable in this area.


She can make you do very small movements which are really effective. She understands the science behind movement, food, and lifestyle. She is also very very encouraging and positive. She makes me feel good about my body and makes the sessions fun. I love that we do something different each class... even though we are working on the same body part, rarely does she repeat the exercises.

I have been struggling with doing a proper push up for a very long... we have now taken up a 1-month challenge to get a good push-up. Katarina has drawn up a day-wise plan for me. I already feel that I am improving. I am really excited about this challenge and achieving my goal.


My advice to anyone joining with Katarina: Be regular. Be sincere (It is your body). Go all out... don't hold yourself back. Instead of thinking of exercise as a burden... think of yourself as that kind of person who is active, fit and loves investing time on their body.

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Maja,27, HR Recruiter, Zagreb, Croatia

 I had a problem with my back. Because I sit a lot at my workplace, I have pain and mobility and flexibility problems.


The training was for beginners, and after the first yoga class, I felt better and more flexible. The training wasn’t easy, but Katarina motivated me. The session was adjusted for beginners. Some exercises were easy for me and some more challenging, but I knew that practising them would make it easier, and I would feel fewer pain issues.

I would totally recommend Katarina’s approach and her training classes. I liked that the classes consisted of easier and more challenging exercises. What I did not like was that I couldn’t do some exercises because I wasn’t flexible enough. But I knew it would be possible with time and practice. I learned some new movements, and after the training felt less back, shoulder, and neck pain and much more flexibility. 


My advice is to start with yoga as soon as possible. If you are satisfied with your body, you are generally happier and more confident. Katarina is a great trainer and motivator and will help you achieve your goals. 

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Himanshu,28, Sr. Application Analyst, Gurgaon, India

In my tight work schedule, I took 1 hour out, and Kat used that hour to the maximum to ensure I got the sweat. Sessions were fun and interactive; Kat ensured I hit each muscle part and the proper mobility drill and core work. Cardio in between exercise splits was a killer one. I would definitely recommend Kat if you are serious about your physique.


Kat makes sure that everyone is keeping. We worked out all kinds of resistance options, such as bags,  resistance bands, and water bottles.. she always gave an option for every situation.


What I really liked was mobility work, She really pushed me and encouraged me to improve my mobility, and I am still following her advice.


Just enrol with her, trust her in the process and give your everything. She will take care of the rest.

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Deepak, 26, Director at Digiproton Technologies, Bangalore

Due to my busy schedule and long working hours, I realized I needed to start doing something as I felt stressed out, my back and shoulders were hurting, and I felt very tense.


A thought came to me that I should start doing yoga, as it would bring me both physical and mental benefits, so I reached out to Kat to help me with it. We had three private yoga classes weekly, and after only one week, I already felt so much better physically and mentally.


By relaxing my mind, I can focus more on the essential things of crucial importance as a Director. My advice to anyone having a similar situation, START NOW. I can say that yoga has become a sort of addiction, and I still practice it regularly. 


In my opinion, Kat is an excellent yoga teacher; she explained the poses thoroughly and adjusted them to my needs, as I am naturally not flexible. After the class, I always felt so relaxed and mentally relieved, and this is something which I don't experience a lot.

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Anushree, 36, entrepreneur, Mumbai

I had gained a lot of weight post my pregnancy, which I wanted to lose, but more importantly, I didn’t like the fact that my stamina had really gone down over the years. I couldn’t even climb a flight of stairs without losing my breath, and that was a rude wake-up call to get fit again.

I struggled with it initially as I would always keep de-prioritizing working out over other responsibilities. But that changed with Katarina because the great thing about working out with her is that she not only works with you during the session! Across the day, she would remind me to eat healthily, do my steps, etc., motivating me to think about myself.

The sessions always got me to push my limits, but never to the extent that I hurt my body. Since I have a weak back, the sessions were always planned with exercises that took care of that. I highly recommend Katarina to anyone starting their journey towards fitness, as she is a great motivator and coach.

Things I liked most: 

1. Classes were customized based on my needs and were at a pace I could work out and remain active for the rest of the day.

2. Punctuality

3. Attentiveness during the session.

I’ve never lifted a weight, and I learned I could pick up 15 kgs without hurting my back!

My stamina and flexibility improved.

I saw a drastic inch loss, which helped tone my body. If you’re looking for a life coach who enables you to get fit not only thru physical exercises but also teaches you how to live healthy, don’t think twice!

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Priyanka, 29, Real estate agent, Bangalore

I wanted to lose weight, and Katarina's help and encouragement made me consistent with my sessions. Whenever I came for a session, she asked me if I used the stairs to my 4th-floor office; she also encouraged me to move outside our gym sessions.

Her training sessions were great; I learnt a lot about body composition and would definitely recommend it. What I liked most were the times when we had heavy workout sessions because I gained lots of strength, before that, I usually did only some cardio.


Just be regular and regular on the sessions.

Just listen to the lady Katarina. 😊

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Prateek, 29, Digital marketing, Delhi

My main goal was to maintain Toning & flexibility. The workouts were quite fun & Kat ensured proper attention to every class member. Classes were quite fun & I would encourage everyone to participate & stay fit.

What I liked about it:

  • Full body workout

  • 400-500 calories burned in every session.

  • Personalized attention.

  • The trainer keeps pushing you.


The best part was feeling stress-free. Also, I realized bodyweight workouts can be so effective & fun.


Be consistent & enjoy the workouts. You'll feel the difference in 10 days.

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Shubham,30, Sr. Consultant, Bangalore

I reached out to Kat as I wanted to increase my stamina with a proportionate increase in muscle mass. Sessions were superb, neither too hard nor too easy. Perfectly balanced to increase stamina yet not make you feel very tired. I would definitely recommend it. My advice to anyone wanting to start: Believe in your trainer. She is going to suggest all the right choices, and you will definitely feel better as a whole.

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Somya, 26, Jr. Doctor, Mumbai

I was not feeling good about how I looked and felt; I wanted to lose weight. I think you need to give a minimum of 3 months with complete consistency and dedication ... I dropped in half, so I am still the same. In my two months of training, with Kat's sessions, my clothes started to fit better, and I could see improvement in upper body strength; I could do push-ups on my knee towards the end, which I was never able to do before. You have to follow Kat's advice on  CONSISTENCY, and you will get results.

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Puneet, 20, student, Mumbai

I needed to lose some weight, and my brother motivated me to diet and exercise. I am still in progress, but it is going well so far. My endurance has definitely increased. Kat´s sessions were very good and effective, and I would 100% recommend it to my friends and family. What I liked the most was that Kat made the class feel personalized and motivated everybody in the class whenever we needed it. You only have to join the class and attend it. Kat will make sure you accomplish the rest.

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Ines, 30, Zagreb, Croatia

Great trainer if you are looking for someone who will actually listen to your feedback and give you the exercise that you need. She motivates me to get up and move like no one out there.

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